Welcome to NSA Convention Dialog!

July 19, 2007

hyatt.jpgThe goal of the Convention was to cause a disruption in our mind-sets and to stretch our thinking. It looks like that goal was met! The depth and quantity of dialog during the Convention was phenomenal and it would be a shame to have it just stop. So we’re experimenting with this Convention Dialog blog – a Diablog – with the intention of creating a forum for stimulating intellectual challenge and change within NSA.

The site is organized the same way the Convention was around specific Segments that you can see below. Go to any or all of them and tell us what you learned, what new thinking the presenters prompted, what questions you’re still wrestling with and what new books and resources you’ve found in that subject area. Many of the presenters will be dropping in from time to time so hopefully the blog will be self-sustaining and filled with fresh stuff.

There is also a “Return on Attendance” segment (a phrase coined by Chris Clarke-Epstein) where you can share what new ideas you’ve applied to your work and business and what those changes are doing for you. That would be such an encouragement to others to take action. So if you’ve found a new way to make millions we want to know about it!

Becoming critical thinkers…

Some people have difficulty dealing with viewpoints that don’t match their own. A few came up to me to make sure I knew they “disagreed” with a particular presenter as though that was something that should be fixed next time. It seemed like the ideal NSA Convention would be one where all you hear is your own opinion fed back to you. How that helps you grow, I don’t know. If we’re going to understand and stay relevant to a rapidly changing world we have to learn to expand our minds and engage in all kinds of dialog.

Members who weren’t there…

Members who weren’t at the Convention are very welcome to dialog too. You could add a lot to the discussion. We had some provocative moments so just be careful not to imply you were there when you weren’t. Thanks.

One gentle rule…

This blog is about exchanging ideas and ways of looking at the world. We’re all a little bit brilliant and a little bit ignorant. We’ve all got a little bit of the truth, but not all of it. We do not attack or judge each other here – we discuss ideas and help each other grow. We also share resources and accomplishments. And we have fun.

This is a new thing for NSA – let’s give it a shot. Together we can turn this into a rich and rewarding forum!

Ian Percy, 2007 Convention Chair

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